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BALI iGS Academic Year 2014-2015

Weekly Schedule

Monday to Friday
8am to 1pm (gates open at 7:30)

Wednesday afternoon - Athletics
Thursday afternoon - Music / Arts

Calendar of Events

Tuesday, Aug 12th, 2014
first day for students

Oct 11th - Oct 19th

Friday, Dec 12th, 2014
Last day of 1st semester

Dec 13th - Jan 11th

Monday, Jan 12th, 2015
First day of 2nd semester

Mar 21st - April 5th

Friday, June 12th, 2015
Last day of academic year


The 2014 - 2015 academic year starts Tuesday, August 12th at 8am!

Student Dress Code

plain white or dark blue with collar (button down, blouse, polo shirt, long or short sleeve), no graphics, no slogans, logos same color as shirt


grey, dark blue or white
must at least reach top of the knee
no graphics, no logos

full black or white, logos are black on black or white on white. No Nike.