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intraGlobal Studies (iGS): our formal schooling program

intraglobal: existing, occurring, or carried on within the globe.
international: existing, occurring, or carried on between two or more nations.

responsability, care, action
life-long learning

7th to 10th grade (ages 12 to 16) - full-time secondary studies - iGS mixed curriculum

Calendar of Events

Tuesday, Aug 12th, 2014
first day for students

Oct 11th - Oct 19th

Friday, Dec 12th, 2014
Last day of 1st semester

Dec 13th - Jan 11th

Monday, Jan 12th, 2015
First day of 2nd semester

Mar 21st - April 5th

Friday, June 12th, 2015
Last day of academic year


The iGS curriculum combines:
     • knowledge, covered from various international and national programs and         examinations, in the pursuit of certificates and diplomas.
     • knowledge, also considered essential when offering a complete education package,         based on CLCeducation's model of education.

from students to global citizens... iGS provides the students with the tools:
     • to gain understanding of the world around them
     • to become global citizens who are responsible, active and enthusiastic about learning

The Program and Certificates

Cambridge International Exams curriculum which prepares students for the IGCSE exams. One of the two most internationally recognized education systems (the other would be IB - International Baccalaureat)

US school curriculum for the SAT and SATII American universities entrance exams.

Indonesian national curriculum. Taking the paketB and later the paketC tests are contingent on adequate Indonesian language ability. An extra language module for Indonesian is available.

Mixed curriculum and techniques inspired by various national programs.(France, Japan, Singapore...)


(Language, Literature, Linguistics)

(Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra, Applied)

Hard Sciences
(core of Biology, Physics, Chemistry)

Social Sciences
(integrative view of Geography, Sociology, Prehistory, History, Cultural Studies, Anthropology...)

Information Technology
(administrative, programming, logic)

Entrepreneurship, Business and Personal management


Arts and Music